Harness the Alternative Edge





Alternative investing markets consistently provide stronger financial performance than traditional investment instruments.

However, to effectively capture this outperformance, clients need to be empowered with the awareness, expertise, and encouragement to act with confidence. This is the Bluestone Advantage.

Together, we leverage our deep investing networks, financial acumen, and commercial perspective to bring together the best of stability, sustainability, and superior returns for your investment portfolio.

Our Guiding Principles

Our Sweet Spot

We prefer businesses or assets:

    1. with a superior value proposition
    2. in a defined and strong market
    3. with a simple business model
    4. and a funding gap.

Our sweet spot is where evolutionary innovation and managerial expertise meet real-world problems.

Simplicity and Visibility

We don’t chase investment fads or moonshots and we don’t usually consider complicated derivatives or esoteric investment securities. Our clients aren’t interested in steep learning curves to be able to sleep at night. If you are looking for the next crypto revolution or AI phenom, you probably won’t find it here.

Shovels, not Miners

This means we tend to focus on businesses delivering technological improvements to established industries to solve known problems. In particular, we like themes such as driving the energy transition, niche real estate developers, agri-tech innovators, or inputs along the value chain of industries that we all know and need. We manage execution and market risk, not technology risk.

Winning the Long Game

Our investments generate superior returns by meeting the needs of their target markets better than the competition over the long term. This is how true wealth is built and where we can maximise the value creation for our clients.

3 Pillars



Educating our clients about the opportunities available to them and how to assess whether those opportunities are right for them.


Executing stringent due diligence to ensure that any instruments that clients access have been vetted to the highest standards.



Engaging throughout the lifetime of the investment to ensure that clients are as informed as they both want to and can be.

Our Process

1. Origination

Bluestone leverages its network of industry specialists and direct relationships to survey the investment landscape for prospective deals. These relationships provide a first level of scrutiny, on which Bluestone layers on a stringent and comprehensive due diligence process to add another layer of quality control.

2. Connection

Once we’ve filtered out the best deals for our investors, we then connect them with clients who may be a good fit for that particular opportunity. We answer any questions the investor might have and seek out more information, if necessary. This ensures our clients don’t only see the highest quality deals but the right deals.

3. Action

Once you’ve decided to invest, we communicate that to the transaction partner – either the company directly or their authorised agent. The transaction partner will reach out to you directly with all the requisite paperwork to tie up the details. We hold your hand to ensure you are completely comfortable every step of the way.

4. Engagement

Once the paperwork is completed and the capital received, you can sit back and relax as your capital begins working for you. We’ll provide regular updates about your investment directly to you – as often (or not) as you like. If you need or want to take action, reach out to us and we can help you proceed as effectively and efficiently as possible.


What They Say

We hadn’t done any investing before and were initially hesitant to engage. Pierre took the time to answer all of our questions to make sure we were completely happy and comfortable before investing. Bluestone is our go-to partner for all of our investing needs.

- Jill Louden

Investor and Client

I have found Pierre to be extremely professional; both prompt and detailed in his delivery as well as patient with me in our exchanges. The output of that initial engagement was outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend him for your consulting requirements.

- Michelle Daniel

C Suite Executive

Working with Bluestone has been a seamless experience. They have always been professional and efficient in managing investor relationships to create a frictionless experience for all parties. We would happily recommend their services.

- James Chappell

GCI Markets Ltd


Let’s Connect

Relationships are the lifeblood of our business and we are always open to new opportunities to grow, improve, or simply listen. Let’s see where the first step takes us.

Bluestone Investment Partners

Harnessing the alternative edge.