About Us

Bluestone was formed with the simple mission of empowering clients to wisely navigate investment arenas they either didn’t know about or mistakenly thought were beyond their reach. 

Our Why

Many incredible alternative investment opportunities circulate amongst the networks of a select few well-connected clients, while the majority of potential investors are herded into the same inferior opportunities to put their money to work. The most prominent barriers to participation were not capital – they were social and psychological

…and how

Through levering our investment expertise and industry networks, Bluestone breaks down both of these barriers by:

  1. Broadening the awareness of our clients to the investment landscape,
  2. Providing education about investment characteristics and
  3. Simplifying the investment process.

These simple three focal points underpin every action; we empower our clients to navigate and participate in alternative markets with confidence and peace of mind.

Our Performance

The Proof is in the Numbers


Avg Annual Returns

Since our founding, our clients have achieved between 10%-18% returns per annum.


Reinvestment Rate

As a testament to client satisfaction and deal quality, each of our clients has reinvested with us.  

Experienced Advisors

Our team has more than 60 years of entrepreneurial and investment experience, across multiple geographies. 

Deals Viewed

We market less than 12 deals per year although we review hundreds to ensure our clients only see the best of the best.

Recent Years

Our Journey Thus Far


Our Founder commenced capital introduction services for a pilot group.

  • Origination network building
  • Dozens of deals vetted
  • One investment selected
  • Annual returns of 15% p.a.


Bluestone was formally established to widen the scope of investors.

  • Key origination partners identified
  • Investment placed increased 5 x 
  • Core team selected
  • Diversified returns of 12%


We’re now in the launch phase of growing to new heights.

  • Investment placed x 12 from pilot
  • Diversified across asset classes
  • Institutional quality investments
  • New asset class offerings added


Meet Our Team

The experts who make it happen. 

Pierre Forde

Pierre is passionate about harnessing capital to drive change and the necessity of preserving our planet. Having led the equities investing function at the OurInterest Financial Group, Pierre pivoted to focus on the alternative investing space and has worked with sustainability-focused start-up companies to craft their business structure and mission into compelling investment cases.

Pedro Forde
Chief Financial Officer

Pedro is a veteran corporate banker and credit risk expert with nearly 40 years of experience across retail and corporate banking at one of the largest Caribbean based financial institutions.
Pedro is both a Chartered Accountant (ACCA) and Chartered Secretary (ACIS) and holds a MSc In Professional Accountancy, as well as a BSc in Applied Accounting.

Ryan Harewood

Chief Business Development Officer

Ryan is responsible for business relations across investment partners, projects, and investors. Highlighting his commitment to this vision, Ryan serves as a director for several technology and sustainability-focused start-ups and assists their development and fundraising journey through relationships and contacts garnered within the OurInterest Financial Group, where he led the Group’s communication and business development function.

Dr. Pauline Morris



Dr. Pauline Morris brings a wealth of experience as a leader within and outside of medicine, as a Consultant Anaesthetist, across several regions including the Caribbean, Middle East and United Kingdom. Not content with advanced medical education, and mindfulness certifications, she also holds an MBA and is a serial entrepreneur, having founded both life coaching and interior design businesses.

Keith Mackay

Keith is a seasoned investment professional with more than 40 years of experience as an institutional investment manager. He was the Senior Investment Manager with a sovereign wealth fund. Prior to that he managed the investment portfolios of several UK pension funds. Keith currently sits on several Investment Committees. He is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and an Associate of the Society of Investment Professionals. He holds an MBA and an MSc in Financial Management


Enough about us…

We always find your story more interesting. Connect with us using the form below so that we can learn more about how we can help you get to the next level.  

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