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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your investments open to all investors?

No, they are not. Some investments are restricted in their distribution by the Financial Conduct Authority and can only be marketed to specific classes of investors. This is one of the first bits of information that we establish in your onboarding call with us. 

Are there any fees?

There may be fees incurred at the execution level – for example, some issuers may charge for the issuing of specific paperwork or certified copies of investment documentation – but Bluestone does not charge you for our services. 

How do you make money?

Bluestone is paid a commission directly from the execution partner or the investment issuer based on the commitment our clients make. We receive the same level of commission regardless of the instrument and we do not incentivise internally based on sales targets but on asset performance and client satisfaction. That way you know that our interests are always aligned and we are focused on meeting your needs, rather than trying to sell you products that aren’t in your best interest. 

Do you hold client funds?

No, we never handle client funds on behalf of or in transit to another investment. All investment purchases are directly made with the execution partner of that investment and they will contact you directly to manage the process. 

Are you regulated?

We are regulated by the Information Commissioner’s Office so you can be sure that we manage all client information provided in accordance with the highest levels of confidentiality and security. We never share any information without your expressed permission and only for transaction execution purposes. 

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